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Here’s the nitty gritty details on the 2018 CFJC Intramural Games: Sign up by Jan 26! (Signups will be on the clipboard near the screens in the gym)

We will be using the same team names from last year! They are:

  • Pain Train
  • WODding Crashers
  • House of Bacon
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Swole
  • Snatch Me Outside
  • F-Bombs
  • Blue Steel
  • PR’d my Pants

…we may also create a team called “Leftovers” if there are athletes that are late to the party.

Athletes will be assigned a team randomly. We will post the teams on or before Feb 1.

Each team will be assigned a Team Captain that will have the contact info for all of their team members. The duties of the team captain is to rally your team spirit and help interface with CFJC Coaches. If you are assigned this role and want to decline it, please let Janna know and she will attempt to assign it to another athlete on the team.

There will be three versions of the WOD every week to choose from: Rx, scaled, and novice. The RX and scaled WODs will be the WODs as announced by the CrossFit Games each week (5 weeks total) beginning Thursday, Feb 22. The Novice level WOD will be one that we create based on the WOD announced by the Games but will be further scaled so that *anyone* can complete it.

WODs will be completed on Fridays as the WOD for the day. If you do not do it on Friday, you can do it after the WOD on Saturday or during Open Gym on Sunday. You can also complete it at another gym if you are traveling and submit your results via video.

Score cards will be collected at the box and results for that week finalized on the following Monday evening. In short, you have from Friday until Monday to get it done.

You can choose a different level WOD every week. We recommend that you choose the highest level you can safely complete.

Points will be scored for your team as follows:

  1. WOD Scores – Each RX score, will be added to the team score: Reps multiplied by X. Each Scaled score will be added to the team score as Reps multiplied by Y. Each Novice score will be added to the team score as Reps multiplied by Z. (X, Y, and Z will be defined after the WOD is done. They may be different every week, and will be based on us coaches putting our heads together and figuring it out.) To keep things fair, coaches cannot score for their team for WOD scores or be division winners, but they can accumulate bonus points.
  2. Division Winner – Bonus points – The best score in each division will earn their team bonus points – there are 20 points up for grabs for each division: RX, Scaled, and Novice.

NOTE!!! The best performing teams are not necessarily the winners! There are lots of other ways to get points for your team – the bonus points you can receive are:

  1. Attendance Bonus Points – Each team member who completes a WOD gets 10 points for their team (you have from Friday until Monday to get it done).
  2. Spirit Bonus points – The team with the most spirit (as voted on by coaches at the end of the each week) will earn 25 points for their team that week. This could be shown through matching outfits or trash talk – be creative!
  3. Online Games Registration Bonus Points – Although you are not required to do this, and yeah it costs $20, we still really encourage you to register for the CrossFit Open to see where you rank in the whole dang world! For every team member who registers (with CFJC as their affiliate) your team will receive 25 points (just once). To register go to:
  4. T-shirt Pre-Order Bonus! If you pre-order your team T-shirt before Feb 19, you will get 50 bonus points for your team, per shirt ordered (one time). After Jan 19 you can order a shirt via our online store and will receive 15 points per shirt.
  5. Social Media Bonus Points – For every post you make on Facebook and Instagram with a picture or comment on the CFJC Intramural Games, you can earn 5 points. To be eligible for this, you MUST use BOTH OF these hashtags: “#crossfitjohnscreek” AND “#anyonecandoit”
  6. Class Signups – During the Intramural games for every class you attend, if you sign up for a class AND attend that class you get 5 points. If you sign up for a class and do not attend AND do not cancel your reservation we will DEDUCT 5 points.
  7. TBD – we reserve the right to add bonus points for categories as we see fit. Just to keep things interesting.

We will have an online spreadsheet and update you on scores weekly. Let the Games (…and Trash talk) begin!

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