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The FIRST step is often the hardest. Doing something completely different with a whole new group of people can be intimidating!


But we’ve ALL been there! Our experienced coaches teach you everything you need to know. We love working with beginners who have little to no experience in CrossFit!

Take that first step today – schedule your FREE Introduction class now!

  • Kim

    I went to my first CrossFit class four years ago at CrossFit John’s Creek after going to watch a friend visiting from New York City. I had so much fun watching him the week he was here that I decided to sign up. I honestly hated all classes with any cardio component, and I had tried everything from spinning to kick boxing. Yuck. I noticed results from CrossFit in two weeks. I had never experienced such an efficient workout, but to not watch the clock for an hour was also a first for me. I (for personal unrelated reasons) have come and gone but have never even attempted another type of workout in four years because nothing compares to CrossFit. When I’m able to work out, I’m doing CrossFit. To me, everything else is a waste of time and effort. For people who love activity like runners, it is a great accompaniment to improve skills in any sport, but I am not one of those people. Thanks CFJC for making this one-time beginner and sluggish lazy person a believer, and dare I say, an athlete!