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CrossFit challenges you. Every time you show up at the box, there’s a new challenge waiting for you, both physically and mentally. Every time you face a test, you get a result and it might not always be what you expected. It’s normal to feel a little disappointed when you don’t hit the PR you wanted, when you fail your lift, or when you don’t finish the WOD as quickly as you might like, but be careful not to let the frustration put a shadow on your progress.

From Frustration to Motivation

By definition, there are two types of frustration:

  1. the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
  2. the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something

Motivation in CrossFitThe first one is completely normal. CrossFit is about pushing the boundaries and doing things you never thought you could do. There will always be more complicated things you won’t be able to do properly on the first try. There will always be movements that you don’t perform as great as you would like even after practicing several times, and that’s fine. CrossFit keeps you striving to be better and stronger, meaning that you’ll always be a work in progress.

The second type of frustration is set out to boycott your growth. Harvesting that negative feeling will only have an equally negative effect on your workouts and your overall success in CrossFit, or anything else you do. So you weren’t able to hit a new PR this time around and you’re frustrated? Fine. Be frustrated, but use that frustration as a motivating agent, not as something that holds you back. Use that frustration to empower you to work on your weaknesses and train harder so that the next time you attempt that lift, you can hit that PR. That will make all the difference in the world.


From frustrated to Motivated

What are the things that have frustrated you the most in the past? Are you still struggling with that? What is one struggle that motivated you to work harder?

Chances are if you take a moment to reflect on where you were a year ago, or even as little as 3 months ago, you will have some accomplishments. But even then, it’s OK to want more! Talk to your coaches. We’re more than happy to help you turn those weaknesses into strengths.