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When you enjoy training, you keep coming back for more. Keeping training fun helps you be more consistent. Training with a partner is a great way to achieve that and make training something you look forward to.

Time To Partner Up

The world we live in has tricked us into thinking we’re better off alone, that we don’t need help or support to achieve the things we want to achieve. Part of that might be true. It’s good to know how to be your own person in all aspects of life. Being dependent on people is not ideal, but shutting out support isn’t either. At regular gyms, avoiding social interaction is an everyday thing. CrossFit, however, is about community and suffering through a tough WOD in the company of someone else, somehow, makes things easier. Having a training partner has its advantages.

Advantages of Training Partners

Keeps You Focused

Have you ever been so exhausted that you lose count of your reps or even forget what’s next on the WOD? Having a partner allows you to keep your attention on what’s important, like form, technique, or whatever your training goal might be, while they take care of the details like counting your reps. It can also come in extra handy when doing tempo work.

Motivates You To Keep Moving

A good training partner is supposed to stick by you partner and support you (and vice-versa), even if when it’s their time to rest. Pushing to the last few reps when you have someone cheering you own is way easier that doing it all on your own.

Honest Feedback

During class, coaches are always watching and guiding you, but when you train on your own, they might not always be around. When you have a training partner, you trust you can count on them to provide feedback. Your partner may not be qualified enough to tell you what to fix and how to fix it, but they can be honest about what they saw, and you can take those comments back to your coach to work on ways to improve.

So, the next time you see a partner WOD on the board, make the best of it. Get to know people, interact, and most importantly, be a great partner. Surely, your partner will try to do the same for you.