Alex Saez

Athlete of the Month

February 2018

Alex was chosen as our Athlete of the Month for February for several reasons. He is virtually a fixture at CFJC every night and has been for several years now. He moves really well and is often called upon to demonstrate movements and lead the barbell warm-ups.

He helps out at the gym fairly often- greeting newcomers, putting away equipment that someone else left out, etc. to the point that it is easy for us coaches to almost treat him as if he is a coach. In fact, last month he was involved in the discussion between coaches as to who should be Athlete of the Month for February. Halfway through this conversation I started to think, oh wait… what about Alex!? Obvious choice!

Congrats to Alex for being recognized as our February Athlete of the Month!

Alex Saez

Alex Saez, 39, Technical Project Manager for TD Bank

I start CrossFit because I was 34, overweight and it started to affect my health and well being. I tried going the Globo-Gym route, but I get bored very easily and that led to me not going as consistently as I could or should.

I started looking for different workout routines and different gyms that could provide me with something that was going to challenge me and keep my attention. I discovered a great CrossFit gym in Jersey and it was love at first WOD. Here I am 5 years later and 4 here in Georgia and I still love the challenge and constantly varied workouts. It’s my happy place.

Honestly, I was pissed that I couldn’t finish that workout, because of how out of shape I was. But it made me realize that I found the type of workouts I love and made me want to do better and push myself to get healthier.

I enjoy all of it. The workouts, the community and the environment. It’s my happy place, the one place where I can leave my worries behind and just not think. Just me against myself.

I have a lot of them but probably hitting a 385lb Back Squat which was a 55lb PR after being stuck at 335 for almost 2 years.

My favorite movement/lift are probably the dubs (Double Unders) and Clean and Jerk. Least favorite is probably Rowing and Thrusters.

Favorite WOD is The Chief. Least favorite is anything with running and high-volume deadlifts (disclaimer: I love deadlifts just not in a WOD).

Being way more consistent with my gymnastic movements- in particular, Ring and Bar Muscle Up’s. Right now, they’re more hit or miss and lately more misses than hits. So, it’s back to the drawing board and doing drills.

I’m in a lot better health but more than anything It’s helped me achieve better balance in my life. When I don’t work out I’m all antsy and about to bounce off the walls. After I work out I’m a lot more calmer and clear headed.

Also it made me just listen to my body and know when to push through and when to scale back.

Hanging out with my family and friends, with good music and good food. Also going out on a trail with my wife and dog.

Sometimes you just have to embrace the suck and just push through it. No matter if it’s the workout or life in general.

Just do it. Anyone can do it as long as you’re willing try and come in with the right attitude. And just maybe you’ll surprise yourself with how strong you can be.

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