Brian Jackson

Athlete of the Month

December 2017

We selected Brian Jackson for Athlete of the Month for December of 2017 for his quiet ability to come in and consistently get it done while being coachable.

Due to his ability to come in consistently and listen to coaching over the years that Brian has trained with us, he has made significant progress. He has gotten stronger and faster and has become a ‘sleeper’ athlete; he is the guy you wouldn’t suspect will smoke the WOD just looking at him, but then the workout begins and he becomes the rabbit other guys want to chase.

He is quiet and unassuming but thinks through the WODs before tackling them, establishing a strategy so he can work as efficiently as possible. He sets goals and works hard to meet them. We have no doubt he will accomplish anything he sets his mind to do!

Brian Jackson

I am a 37 year old Christian, a husband to my beautiful wife and swolemate (my high school sweet-heart), and a father of two amazing children (ages 8 and 7). We moved to Atlanta in 2011 and have been working in the Advanced Analytics and Data Warehouse space ever since. My wife and I share a passion for fitness and nutrition which dominates most of our conversation 😊

I grew up playing competitive sports, collegiate baseball, lifting weights all the time (incorrectly I might add). That was a long time ago.

Around 2007, I heard about CrossFit and had been curious about it ever since. In late 2014, I found myself with a broken foot, my cholesterol was way too high (even on cholesterol meds) and my heart was beating irregularly. I felt pretty out of shape. My body did NOT match what my mind knew was possible. IT WAS BAD! This was the motivation I needed to start at CrossFit Johns Creek.

Today, all of those things that were bad are resolved, my foot is better than ever; my cholesterol is spot on with NO medication, and my heart beats stronger than ever! I stick with CFJC today because it helps keep my life in balance.

To be honest, I don’t recall. However, I was committed to learning and working hard at CFJC. After the first couple of months, I could see changes both physically and mentally.

“Success is never owned; it is only rented, and the rent is due every day! “ – J.J. Watt

Every workout is measurable which helps me focus on getting better every day.

2nd place finish in scaled team division of the Battle on the Creek 2017. Go Steel Donuts!

Favorite Lift: Clean & Jerk

Least Favorite: Pistol squats

Favorite WOD: Murph

Least Favorite WOD: anything with pistol squats!

Ring Muscle ups; I’m close but this is my year to nail these! I also decided to compete in a full powerlifting meet. My goal is to increase all of my lifts by 10% between now and the meet on February 10-11 (10 weeks to go!).

Fitness and proper nutrition have become non-negotiable components of my life and my busy schedule.

Kicking it with my wife and kids and smoking ribs on a Sunday afternoon. I’m no stranger to competition when it comes knocking, basketball/football/golf/softball/volleyball whatever, if it’s a competition I’m all for it.

“The way you prepare for anything, is how you prepare for everything.“ – Matt Fraser

I love this quote. My morning workout is my first milestone of the day. If I don’t hit it, I feel off the whole rest of the day.   I operate on a 7 day workout cycle of 2-1-3-1 (2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off). It has become a daily rhythm which mirrors how I prepare for my family, my career and life.

Three things:

  1. Show up.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Make a plan. Include 6-8 hrs of sleep, eating clean, reducing stress, proper water intake, regular exercise.

You can do this!

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