David Gannaway

Athlete of the Month

August 2017

We selected David as our Athlete of the Month this month due to his work ethic and his ability to know when to scale the workouts and when to push himself. He is active in the CFJC community; most recently competing at the Battle on the Creek with several CFJC teammates.

Throughout his time training with us – nearly four years – he has come in consistently and is easy to coach. He truly listens to the coaches and makes adjustments. Most importantly, David takes the time to work on skills and mobility issues before and after training and outside of the gym. This is a characteristic worthy of highlighting as this is something we would like ALL of our members to do!

David Gannaway

David Gannaway, 47, EVP Tech USA, a technical recruiting and staffing firm. Married to Susan for 18 years. Three children: Lauren 16, Sara 14, Nathan 10.

I was bored with the globo gym routine and running 5/10ks all the time.

It’s the coaches and members: Whether it’s CFJC or I’m dropping into a box in one of the 12 cities I travel to regularly for business, I like being around motivated individuals.

I thought it was awesome! I was hooked instantly.   I started out in the 7:30 beginner’s class and other members like “7:30 Rick” and Bonnie made it much less intimidating than I thought it would be.

The variety. I’m never bored and there is always something new to challenge me. Again, the people as well. We all come from different backgrounds but for the most part have a similar internal drive to be better than the previous day.

There are several: stringing 50 DU’s together, completing Murph with a 20lb vest, Tim Wadsworth telling me “good job” after a 5 am WOD— He’s a man of few words!

Favorite: Clean/Power Clean

Least favorite: Snatch

Favorite: DT.

Least favorite: Fran

Number one goal is to stay healthy and safe and stay within my limits but: Bar Muscle Up, 250lb squat, 205lb bench, 315lb deadlift, butterfly pullups. Extremely close on the butterflys, all three lifts by 10/1, Muscle Up by Labor Day.

To confront my weaknesses head on and not dodge them.

Spend time with my family. All three kids are extremely active in athletics and keep my wife and I very busy.

After my 5am or 6am WOD, nothing seems to bother or stress me out as much as it used to!!

I think one of my favorite quotes ….“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in OR you’re out. There is no such thing as life in-between.” – Pat Riley   Go all in with CrossFit.

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