Kacey Price

Co-Athlete of the Month

February 2017

Kacey was chosen as member of the month for her attitude, quality of movements, and great work ethic. Kacey came to us with great mobility and body awareness which made her easy to coach and achieve great movement patterns from the beginning. She is often our demo-girl for how the Clean or Snatch should look!

The best thing about Kacey is her attitude – ALWAYS so positive, smiling, and putting out her best effort daily. She can be in the middle of a workout busting it out, one rep at a time, and still smiling! She comes in consistently, puts in the hard work, and has made great progress, even setting personal records while pregnant. Who does that??! (Note: of course she scaled workouts and had modifications to movements while pregnant.)

Drew and Kacey have been on our short list of athletes to recognize as member of the month for some time; we thought February would be perfect for this as it is the month their baby girl will enter the world… probably smiling!

Kacey Price

Kacey Price, 34, Graphic Designer & Social Media Strategist.

Drew and I had heard about it and I thought it seemed challenging. That’s what made me want to give it a try. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

My first thought was “I don’t know if I’m cut out for this.” Hahaha

There’s a lot – Gaining strength and confidence, the camaraderie with fellow athletes and cheering on your friends, achieving goals and accomplishing things you never thought you could do.

I was so proud the day I finally reached the top of the rope for rope climbs. Competing in Crossfit Competitions and every time I hit a new PR. It never gets old! Believe it or not, I actually hit four PRs while pregnant.

My favorite movement is toes-to-bar and anything gymnastics related. My favorite lift is the Bench Press (I have to say that – y’all know my brother Travis, right?).

Favorite WOD – “Annie” and least favorite WOD – “Fran.”

I’m still working on the elusive strict pull-up. I would eventually like to get a muscle up, I want to break 200 lbs on my deadlift and even though it’s not mentioned a lot, I still have a goal of passing the CFJC Level 2 fitness test. I’ll need to reevaluate how close I am to these goals after the baby is born. 🙂

I think the biggest impact has been on our fitness and network of friends. Before we joined the box, Drew and I didn’t know anyone in our community. CFJC changed all that. Now I feel like we are friends with some of the finest, loyal, dependable, kind and hardworking people around.

Drew and I enjoy running marathons…on Netfix :). But for real – I love to cook and spend as much time with my husband and hang out at the lake as possible.

CrossFit instills this mentality of always being prepared for anything. At one point Dan emphasized this message as it pertained to our gym bags. He explained to us that we always needed to have our lifters, wrist wraps, tape, belts, jump ropes, etc. on the ready, because you never know what would be needed in the workout that day. I’ve taken this philosophy and applied it to my diaper bag. I am seriously prepared for anything. Thank you CrossFit and thank you, Dan!

DO IT! We started out looking at other boxes but didn’t find the right one for us until we came across CFJC. Three years later we’re still enjoying our decision.

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