Randi Rubin

Co-Athlete of the Month

November 2016

Both Steve and Randi Rubin do all the things right to make sure they get the most out of their CrossFit experience. They come in and focus on form and mobility. They are incredibly consistent and have the right habits to keep themselves healthy over time. If we don’t see the Rubins for a while, we would need to send a search party!  

They don’t typically just run out when the class is over they often do extended mobility or ROMWOD. Both of the Rubins focus on proper nutrition and still find the time to balance their health and fitness with the health and fitness of their boys too.

The Rubins are an important part of the CFJC community, always taking part in events, always encouraging others and always giving 110% in and out of the gym!

Randi Rubin

I have been a member of CFJC for almost 4 years now. I was active as a kid but I wasn’t an athlete so it’s pretty cool to be referred to as an athlete now!

I am a Mom to Jesse, 10, and Shane, 6. I am honored to have been selected as member of the month and share the title with my favorite WOD partner and in life…

I work from home which allows me the flexibility to get into the gym daily. I’m a creature of habit, my car automatically comes to CFJC at 7:30 am!

I didn’t want to, I was intimidated! I took Steven Lewter’s class at Lifetime (he’s now an owner of our sister box CrossFit Chattahoochee now) and got my feet wet. I remember coming in to watch my husband, Steve, workout at night and just quietly observed from the couch. I was getting peer pressure from both Steves so I tried it… and here I am 4 years later!

I do it now because I love it; sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship, but at the end of the hour I feel accomplished for ME and no one else!

Crossfit is more than just working out to me. It’s a lifestyle: physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Just like life, you learn something new every day! I have My Crossfit peeps and we are just on the same page in and out of the gym.

I got a pull-up after a year and a half of working on them!

I love the barbell movements… except snatches!

My favorite is the barbell complex we repeat every few months: 3 Deadlifts, 3 Hang Cleans, 3 Front Squats and 3 Jerks. Once you pick up the bar you can’t drop it or you have a burpee penalty. Each round you try to go up in weight to something maximal on the last round. Seven rounds! It’s a good one!!

My least favorite is “Cindy.”

I don’t have a specific goal that I am currently working towards right now.  I am always working to improve my form so that my lifts are more efficient and I don’t get hurt. If it means scaling back on weight then that’s what I need to do. It would be nice to PR my snatch in the next year.

It’s my happy place, I look forward to coming in here everyday. Even on scheduled rest days something feels off because I feel as if I am missing out on something. Not just the workout but the experience and being around my people.

CFJC has become a huge part of our life and our family. We have made great friends for ourselves and our kids.

Whether I am asking Steve, he asking me, or the boys asking us, someone is always asking “how was your wod today?”  Yes, people joke that Crossfitters love to talk about Crossfit, and it’s true for me too but when we talk as a family we use it as teaching moments. We share three things about our day at dinner and usually CF comes up.  Whether it be “That WOD was awful, but I’m proud of myself for pushing through it and not giving up” or “I PR’d my lift today and I was really proud of myself.”

Just this past weekend Steve fell during our team mile run and got a nasty cut on his knee, Shane was apart of our team too. Steve got back up and kept running and told Shane you have to be tough and not give up. That’s what Crossfit has taught me in the gym and I apply it every day in what I do and what we teach our children. Yes, another one of those Crossfit cliches but it really is a way of life for me!

Spend time with my 3 boys. I love to be outside and active. We have completed 5k’s together and like to go hiking.

I have never been overweight and always exercised but Crossfit and a Paleo diet have brought me to a place I never knew before. The combination of physically pushing myself like I never have before, lifting big weights and eating a paleo diet has made me strong and healthy.

It’s hard work but crossfit has taught me you have to keep working at what you want in life and not stop once you achieve your goal.  Keep setting new goals and push yourself harder each day.  Muscle memory applies to what you do in and out of the gym physically and also behaviorally.

Don’t be intimidated like I was. You have to start somewhere and keep coming back you will love it!

People that don’t Crossfit and don’t understand it always ask me why I do it. I always tell them it’s because I love to lift heavy shit! 🙂

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