Tim Wadsworth

Athlete of the Month

September 2016

Tim was chosen as Athlete of the Month, along with his brother Matt, for being one of our original members from back in the day and for his ability to keep coming in consistently! Both Matt and Tim have been training with us for nearly five years and have never missed more than a week to our recollection. That in itself is outstanding and made them an obvious choice for this recognition.

Both Tim and Matt often set the scores in the 5am class for others to chase down for the rest of the day. Matt’s score on the strength section of the workout; Tim’s on the metcon section of the workout. Tim’s quiet demeanor and extremely humble personality could make you overlook him …until he passes you!

Like his brother (maybe it runs in the family?) Tim doesn’t always use the Rx the WODs but does when it’s right for the improvement of his fitness and how he is feeling on that given day; he scales appropriately when needed without his ego getting in the way. We are glad he has has chosen to stick around with us all these years!

Tim Wadsworth

Tim Wadsworth, 41, Controller at NGF Distributors

I started Crossfit after hearing about it from my good friend, Dr. Corey Mazer.  He convinced me to give it a try and I have loved it ever since.

My first WOD was an AMRAP of Double unders, box jumps, and kettlebells, non of which I had ever done before!  I was convinced I would never be able to complete a successful “double under.”

Pretty sure after the WOD I went home and lay on the floor of my closet for about 30 minutes trying to recover.

The aspect of Crossfit I enjoy the most is the variety of the workouts.  Every day I look at the WOD I still get a reaction, either excitement or dread.  No matter how “easy” a workout appears when written, I never leave the box wanting more.

Completing my first Muscle Up!

Favorite: Cleans

Least Favorite: Thrusters

Favorite WOD: Any Hero WOD.  They are always very difficult and very rewarding when you complete them.

Least Favorite: No Question… it is “Fran”

My goal is to continue to train according to what my body is telling me.  That means knowing when to scale the WOD when needed.  Something I never would have considered when I began.

The greatest impact of CFJC to me is the quality of coaching that I have received.

Coming off of a back injury I was very leery to lift heavy weights ever again.  Teaching me proper lifting techniques has helped me hit new personal bests in almost every lift.

I now know that going into any WOD to maintain proper form so as to not get hurt.

I love to travel with my family!  Would love to win the lottery and spend months at a time travelling the world.

I know if I ever need to pick someone 135 lbs or less off the floor and over my head in one move, I could.

If you are going to try CrossFit, make sure you check your ego at the door and listen to your coaches. Remember that every WOD is scalable so you can get an amazing workout.

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