Tracy Jimenez

Athlete of the Month

November 2017

We selected Tracy as member of the month for November ’17 for her ability to come in and get it done while juggling life! She is a busy mom, student, and works full time and yet still finds the time to train.

She comes in consistently – often with her son in tow, gives it her 100% focus, and scales appropriately. It’s been super inspiring to be part of her journey; she’s come a long way and her attitude of taking it day by day and enjoying the process is refreshing!

Tracy Jimenez

Tracy Jimenez, 31, dog groomer, mom, student at Georgia State University.

I had begun my weightloss journey a couple years prior to joining and saw the way it was changing womens and mens bodies and wanted to take my journey into the next steps. CFJC has helped me maintain my 100 lb. weightloss and put on muscle, and it continues to help me lose weight to reach my goals.

My first WOD consisted of 5 rounds with 400m runs, and I hate running. Finishing that WOD made me realize that I could push myself further than I thought, and I didn’t die so that was good too.

I love the environment and feeling of community/friendship.

Competing in my first Crossfit Competition and placing second with a group of awesome people.

Cleans are my favorite and my least favorite is the snatch.

Favorite WOD is DT or anything with a rower. Least favorite WOD is Angie or Death by burpees.

I want to be leaner and stronger and I want to be able to do pull-ups, double-unders and toes-to-bar.

I get to be a good example to my son, and I’ve gained some real friendships with people who enjoy being active and share similar interests.

I love dancing and anything that involves music.

The confidence that I have gained is immeasurable. Knowing that I can tackle obstacles and achieve goals that I set my mind to is empowering.

The workouts are often why people come to crossfit but it’s the community/family that makes you stay. It doesn’t matter what age or fitness level you are at come in and check CFJC out.

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