Travis Doxsey

Co-Athlete of the Month

May 2017

Travis, aka T-Bone (aka the other nickname that his sister affectionately gave him that we will spare him from putting here on our website), has been a regular at CFJC for a little over three years.

His sister, Kacey (see athlete of the month Feb 2017) brought him in to try a workout and although he was already athletic (and had massive arms!) when he first came in, we have helped him become a more well-rounded athlete while measurably increasing his strength, power and speed.

T-Bone is gathering momentum! As coaches we have noticed Travis putting up respectable scores and times and taking his training seriously. He’s been getting downright competitive but is able to still keep the competitiveness friendly and fun. He understands the movements and their intricacies well and often spends extra time working on his lifts (and not just bench!).

His understanding of the movements, his competitiveness without ever being anything close to a jerk (which is truly a skill!), and being an all around easy-going, like-able person led us to suggest that he get his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification and start the process to become a CFJC Coach.

Travis Doxsey

Travis Doxsey, 30, Sales at Trowel Trades Inc.

My sister (Kacey) talked me into giving Crossfit a try. I continue to do it because I enjoy it.

I had really only had three thoughts after my first WOD. First was that I will never be able to shake my nickname (thanks Kacey & Drew). Second was that Dan was oddly obsessed with my arms. Third was when can I WOD again.

I really enjoy the challenge. There are always movements that need to be worked on and improved.

My proudest moment/moments at Crossfit would have to be my last couple of attempts at Fran. Each attempt I saw an improvement of 1 min.

Bench and Snatch are my favorite movements. Least favorite movements would have to be wall balls and running.

Favorites are Lynne and Fran. Least favorites are 17.4 and Fran (it’s a love-hate relationship).

A couple of my CrossFit goals are to bench press 350lbs get a sub 4 min Fran time. I am not sure how close I am in achieving these goals but you can be sure that once I do my new goals will only get heavier and faster.

CFJC has had a huge impact on my life. From changing the way I look at working out to the friends I have made through the gym. My experience at CFJC has been fantastic. Dan and Lara may never get rid of me.

Ha, when I’m not crossfitting I’m thinking about or talking about CrossFit. If you’re reading this so are you! On a serious note though I would say my favorite thing to do while I’m not at CFJC is spending time on the lake.

I feel like CrossFit has made me a better all round athlete. I have more energy and flexibility today than I did before I started training at CFJC.

My advice would have to be to make sure you enjoy yourself. Your movements will get better, your times will get faster, and your weight will get heavier if you stick with it. The best way in my opinion in sticking with something is to make sure you are enjoying it. There is more to Crossfit than just working out.

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