Lara “Skittles” SturmOwner/Head Coach

Ten years ago Lara was a stay-at-home mom needing to lose baby weight. She started her transformation through traditional body building and after losing body fat and gaining muscle she began competing in NPC Figure. After completing for the first time she was hooked and started training with an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and competed seriously, sometimes on the national level, for the next four years. As an athlete and trainer using traditional “globo” gym methods, once Lara discovered CrossFit she immediately knew she could no longer train her clients in a globo gym nor could she compete in a sport that rewarded looks over performance.

Lara is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer and also has her CrossFit Kids certification, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit Mobility certification. She is also a USA Powerlifting Club Coach and a USAPL State referee.

As a three-time IPF World Champion powerlifter, Lara regularly competes in USA Powerlifting and now holds over 20 state records and two American Records. She is also very proud of the fact that many other state records are held by CFJC athletes!

Other notable achievements include:

  • … IPF Pan American Powerlifting Championships, July of 2013 – made 9 out of 9 attempts and won Gold and the award for Best Masters Lifter
  • …IPF Masters World Bench Press Championships in Great Britain, April of 2014 – Bronze Medal with her 220lb bench press
  • …IPF World Masters Championships in the Czech Republic,  September of 2014 – Gold medal and her first Word Championship title! At a body weight of 138# she squatted 402# bench pressed 220# and deadlifted 380# totaling over 1000#. Click here to see all 9 of her World Championship lifts in high quality video.
  • …Lifter of the Year, October 2014 – USA Powerlifting Georgia
  • …USA Powerlifting Equipped Nationals, May 2015 – National Champion in both the Open and the Master’s 63k class
  • …IPF World Masters Championships, September 2016 – her 2nd World Championship title
  • …USA Powerlifting Equipped Nationals, May 2016 – National Champion of the Master’s 63k class
  • …USA Powerlifting Summer Showdown, June 2016, Gold in Master’s and forth in the Open and reset her two American Records with a 407# Squat and 1007# total
  • …IPF Masters World Championships in Tallinn Estonia, October 2016, A gold metal in the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift and her 3rd World Championship title. She also was awarded third place in the Best Lifter Category for all lifters in the 40-50 year old age group.

She was featured in an article in WODTalk magazine – read it here.

Lara can be reached at 770-757-3759.