Min ChaCrossFit Level I Coach

    Min grew up playing all the sports that you can imagine. In 5th grade, Min joined a local cross country team and was not that good at all to start with. By the end of the year, he was a member that traveled to nationals. Each year, Min’s running improved and this set in motion a love for running for Min. During the off season between cross country and track, Min wrestled for his schools.

    After moving from Pennsylvania to Georgia, Min took running a bit more serious and he was able to secure an athletic scholarship to attend Georgia State University to run Cross Country and Track. After graduating from GSU, he was hired with the Atlanta Police Department in 2003.

    While attending a SWAT conference in Texas in 2009, Min took a CrossFit class and did “Fight Gone Bad” and he never looked at fitness the same. Min began using the high intensity aspect of CrossFit and immediately began incorporating it in his workouts and noticed a difference in his overall fitness level.

    Min is currently helping to establish a fitness program for the Johns Creek Police Department, using the CrossFit principles and foundations. He is passionate about fitness and loves helping others in improving their overall health/fitness, especially police officers. Min currently holds a Personal Trainer Certification through the Cooper Institute and in November of 2013, Min received his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certification.