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Now that the weather is getting warmer and warmer, it’s fun to switch things up and take the training outside. Be aware of the risks of the sun and take action so you can stay safe and work hard.

Stay Safe During Outdoor WODs

Take your training outsideAs fun and exciting as it can be to train outside, we cannot ignore that there are weather conditions that imply certain risks. If the sun’s shining too bright and it’s a hot day out, the heat can definitely be a debilitating factor for any athlete, regardless of their fitness level. Always take precautions and don’t the ignore warning signs your body might be showing you. It is one thing to train in colder weather and another very different thing to train in hotter conditions. One WOD you might have done with ease in the winter could become way too exhausting in the summertime. Heat can lead to extreme exhaustion and even circulatory insufficiency.

Don’t Neglect the Sunscreen

Before you leave the house, make sure you apply sunscreen all over. It’s quite possible that you sweat a lot, so go for the waterproof sunscreen to avoid having to reapply as often. Many lotions require some time to take effect, so putting it on 20 to 30 minutes before you’re out in the sun is ideal. That way, you can guarantee you’ll get the protection you need.

Water is Your Best Friend

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much this is taken for granted. We know we have to stay hydrated because we hear it all the time, yet we fail to be consistent and that is a problem because then, being dehydrated goes unnoticed because it feels normal.

Just a 1% loss of fluid can lead to dehydration. Besides affecting overall strength, dehydration causes the brain to shrink slightly, which in turn results in impairment of the neuromuscular system, coordination, concentration, and thinking.


Mornings and Late Evenings Are Ideal Times to Train Outside

The UV rays are softer in the mornings, and of course, in the late evening. Training at those times will minimize the risk of dehydration, sunburn, or heat exhaustion.

Outdoor WODS are fun, exhausting, and perfect for building endurance and conditioning. Now that we’ve gone over the main points, how about we leave the barbell on the rack and try an outdoor WOD to switch things up a bit?