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“I’m going to try CrossFit because I want to get in shape; not really interested in competing, though.” Sound familiar? Most people start CrossFit because they want to get fit, or because they want to try a different kind of workout, or both… and that’s totally fine. If your goal is to become leaner and stronger, that’s great, and we’re happy that you’ve chosen CrossFit as the means to that end, but let’s be honest. Over time, as you get faster, lift heavier, and start doing all these things you never thought you could do, the competition bug starts to tickle you a little bit, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s time to give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to win.

The Importance of Competing

Competition is a part of life; however, the thought of competing at something for the first time causes all kinds of mixed emotions. Excitement is a common one, as is wanting to find the nearest exit. We want to encourage our athletes to face their fears and take on the challenge. Here are some reasons why competing is actually relevant (and it has nothing to do with winning):

CrossFit ImprovementsSelf-Improvement

Competing forces us to be better. The trick here is not wanting to outshine the person next to you. That person is on their own journey and fighting their own battles. Compete against yourself – against the version of you that could hardly lift 10-pound dumbbells when you first started. The version of you that thought “snatching” meant to grab something without permission and that a “jerk” was just that guy from high school who thought he was better than everyone else. Every time you come to class, it’s basically you against yourself. What can you do today that you couldn’t do yesterday? Competing gives you a chance to surprise yourself with things you possibly never imagined doing.

Here’s Tay. She competes in a barbell sport now, but that never even crossed her mind when she first started doing CrossFit. Head to our Success Stories page for more inspiring stories like hers.

Failure leads to sucessFailure Leads to Success

Fear of failure is completely normal, but it must be tamed so that it won’t keep us from moving forward. Once you decide to start competing, you’ll also start identifying weaknesses that can eventually be turned into strengths. “Failure is part of the process to success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” – Robert Kiyosaki

It’s fun

You’ll enjoy competing. Of course, there will always be a competitive edge even if you’re not striving to win The Games, but it’s a light-hearted edge. Competitions bring a sense of community and create bonds. You’ll realize people are actually rooting for each other and celebrating each other’s victories, no matter how small or big.

Get out there and experience all this yourself. “I really regret everything competing has taught me,” said no one ever! 😉

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