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Success Stories
Many of our students have undergone significant physical and health changes. Many of them have become better athletes.
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Endurance classes, led by legit endurance athletes, are held Fridays at 4:30pm.
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Anyone can do it. Our athletes come from all walks of life – from young athletes to seniors who have never worked out – and everything in between. We teach you everything you need to know!


We have over 20 classes each week. Each provides an opportunity to learn and improve.

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Success Stories

I can emphatically say that changing my diet and attending Crossfit has improved my life considerably. My success has been in losing 32lbs, adding muscle weight and being in better condition. But the REAL success of this journey is that I am cancer free and after injecting insulin three times a day… I am finally off ALL diabetic medications and now control it with diet and exercise.

…I am 62 yrs old and if I can do this, I believe anyone can.

– Jeff M.

ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion