Drew Price

Co-Athlete of the Month

February 2017

Drew was chosen as member of the month as he is a great representative of CFJC. He and Kacey have been with us for nearly four years and during that time he has completely transformed as an athlete. He began as a ‘normal dude’ and has transformed to an athlete who has slowly over the course of the years, packed on a ton of muscle and often tops the leaderboard.

He comes in consistently, works on the quality of movement, has struggled with movements that do not favor his build but he keeps working on them with a great attitude! Drew’s progress has caught the attention of several of our coaches over the last year as someone who has come a long way and has really evolved into a solid, well-rounded athlete!

Drew Price

Drew Price, 36, Masonry & Construction Rental/Retail Manager

Structure and accountability. Gym memberships never motivated me enough to stay consistent and I was too lazy to structure effective workout plans. Former teammates of mine were heavily involved in CrossFit around the country and I saw how they were maintaining their fitness from our college years and I knew if they could do it so could I. Making the commitment to sign up for classes means I have to go workout and not talk myself out of going.

It was like the first day of Football Camp at school without working out or training all summer. It was like I did the Karen WOD (150 Wallball shots for time) without ever squatting and throwing a med ball before. Total muscular death…  but I was hooked.

Seeing gains, and having the sense and feeling of accomplishment. It is much more worthwhile working out with awesome people who are going through their everyday lives and still making time to improve themselves.

At the moment, it is being selected as a member of the month! Which is a culmination of a lot of proud moments really like competing with teams at CrossFit events and finally nailing my toes-to-bar. I realized that I am good at some of the things that we do and yet I want to be better at things that I don’t do so well.

My favorite lifts are the ones that I struggle with the most, Cleaning and Snatching. Breaking these movements down and trying to understand how to be most efficient and effective has been difficult and fun.

Favorite WOD: Anything with rowing in it!

Least Favorite: There was this one time, when we did a ton of thrusters and burpees over bar, forever, and it sucked so bad. 21-18-15-12-9…I forget what the WOD was called or if it was an Open Games workout.

(Note from Kacey: The WOD Drew had as as his least favorite WOD was definitely from the Open, it even came back a second time. *In my best Cave Castro voice* “14.5….is….16.5”)

I would like to join the 200lb plus club in the Front Squat, Bench Press, Clean, Clean & Jerk, and Push Press. I am within 5-15 pounds depending on the movement. It would be awesome to one day do a muscle up.

CFJC has been a positive influence in my life that I have come to rely on not just for a physical workout, but also for stress relief, camaraderie, and reminders of life lessons. For instance, when eye contact is appropriate and when it is not. The coaches really do try to make something very difficult a little bit of fun.

If the Crossfit Games broke out in front of me I would at least know what is going on and may even want to jump in. I feel like CFJC has made me a more rounded person, forgive the pun. There are a bunch of people at the box from all kinds of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs but we are all there to support one another – and heck some of us have become really good friends. Good friends are the best kind of gains.

Try it. What have you got to lose? Maybe it is weight, maybe it is self-doubt, or anxiety. Just make sure that you give CFJC and yourself a commitment for at least three months. In that time you will see how much you have gained!

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