Jason Townsend

Athlete of the Month

July 2017

Jason was selected as athlete of the month for July 2017 for his great work ethic and all around good natured and smart approach to training. He never complains and trains smart! He knows he’s not 20 anymore (not many of us are!) and respects the weights. He is very consistent with his training.

Many athletes will ‘ego-lift’ at times; working with more weight than they should at a place where form has degraded and coaches have to step in to take weight off the bar. Jason really never does this. He knows his body’s limits and knows when to push them and when to back off. He trains smart! Jason also is quick to lend a hand with every CFJC event and has represented CFJC well at several local team competitions.

His name was on our long list of athletes that should be recognized. A few of us coaches had been discussing whom to select and the task of making a selection was weighing on my mind (it’s hard!). That very day Jason stayed after a WOD and helped me with the trash and cleaning up – just being an overall solid guy – and that basically cinched it. Jason Townsend, solid bro!

Jason Townsend

Jason Townsend, 42, Account Manager

I was looking to change up my ‘tired’ workout regimen that was boring and not really doing much in terms of progression.

I pretty much fell in love with the training aspect and learning new skills and techniques.

There were not too many thoughts happening as I was likely experiencing WOD brain for the first few weeks but overall I was hooked.

The community aspect of it all makes it very easy to stick with it and the desire to progress.  Never a dull moment and there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t feel the effects of putting in the work.

There isn’t a particular proud moment necessarily as much as there are moments all the time where I remember a technique and make the adjustment and feel the difference.  It’s a process and it takes time but every now and then it comes together.

The Olympic lifts are my favorite.

Burpees of course are my least favorite.

My favorite WOD is usually the one that we are getting ready to do and least favorite is the one that I just completed.   They all seem great fun on paper till 3…2…1… Go!  I pretty much like them all or at least I haven’t left the box unsatisfied.

Goals change with priorities so I don’t get too caught up on them as much as I work to get better and stronger.  I have some weights that I am chasing but I’ll take a nice looking snatch (yup, that happened) over a heavy Deadlift any day.

I am by far the strongest and healthiest I have been since probably high school or ever.  I have been able to do things that I never imagined I would do or be able to do.  I have also met some great people along the way.

Just doing stuff.  Since we don’t always get to do our favorite things, being stronger and fit makes doing all the crappy things that much easier.

The confidence to know that if I ever fall into that hole and someone throws me a rope ‘like at cfjc’ I am getting out.

Definitely give it a try.  Take your time, listen to your coaches and ask questions. When in doubt, go lighter on the weights.

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