Lizzy Seymour

Athlete of the Month

January 2018

Lizzy was selected as our Athlete of the month for January 18 and wholeheartedly deserves it! She came to us over 4 and a half years ago with her husband Tyler and has made huge strides in her fitness. Back when they started we knew Tyler would stick around but we weren’t sure Lizzy liked training with us and would keep coming back… but we are sure glad she did!

She went from an athlete whose primary mode of training was running to incorporating so much more into her training while getting stronger and faster along the way. She is a great example of how you can improve your run times by getting stronger and doing activities other than running and find other activities to enjoy in the process.

Lizzy has also become a key part of CFJC and a great example of how to keep working, keep improving and let the process work. She has exercised through two pregnancies now (or almost) and has worked smart and listened to her body during both of them. We are excited to meet the new addition to the family soon!!!

Lizzy Seymour

Lizzy Seymour, 32, meeting and conference planner at a professional engineering society.

Tyler wanted to start CrossFit and actually started about a month before I did. Somehow he convinced me to join him. I do it now because I love the variety of workouts — it never gets old and you always feel challenged. I also like the social aspect 🙂

These people are crazy if they think I’m coming back to do this again.

The variety of the workouts. I never get bored and always leave feeling satisfied that I pushed myself. I always leave sweaty and out of breath which means to me that I got a good workout in.

My first time I RXed Murph is still to this day my Murph PR. I PRed my mile run that day too. It one of my favorite WODs because it really pushes me in movements that I love (running) and movements that I hate (push-ups) and movements that I love/hate (pull ups).

Favorite movement is pull ups, double unders (when I’m not pregnant) and cleans. My least favorite is wall balls and (don’t hate me for saying it….) squats.

Favorite WODs are Murph, Helen and White. My least favorite is whatever Lewter programmed about 3 years ago that involved 150 wall balls, and every time you dropped the wall ball or paused, you had to do 5 deadlifts at bodyweight and a 100m sprint. Let’s just say it took me quite a while and I may have cried during and after.

I’d like to be an RX athlete 100% of the time. Getting knocked up again has set me back a little but I hope to build back up like I did after I had Olivia. I’m not super close to meeting this goal, but that just means I’ll be a CrossFit member for a long time to come and have a lot of work to do. I’ll get there eventually 🙂

It’s changed the way I think about overall fitness, and running in particular. I use to run as my only form of exercise but I never progressed and never got faster, just stuck at the same pace. After I started CrossFit I started working my muscles in a new way and found muscles that I didn’t realize I even had. My running improved drastically and so did my overall fitness. CrossFit has also changed the way I view food overall too. It taught me a lot about nutrition and real food and how to eat right without “dieting.”

But most of all, it’s the friendships I’ve formed. I know that sounds super cheesy, but Tyler and I moved to Georgia in 2007 and other than the great friends through work that we’ve made through the years, we hadn’t really found a solid foundation of friends close by until CrossFit Johns Creek. We’ve made so many great friends through CFJC from all walks of life and we’re so thankful for that.

Hang out and spend time with Tyler and Olivia and our friends.

Well, from a physical standpoint, it has taught me how to stay active long-term and enjoy being outdoors and doing new, different and fun things to keep active. It’s also prepared me for how make wise food decisions and pass those good habits onto my family.

Don’t freak out after your first WOD. WODs still suck at the end, even if you’ve been doing it for 4 years. Keep with the program, listen to your coaches, don’t be afraid to make new friends and have fun. And don’t take yourself too seriously either.

We love CFJC and are so thankful for Dan and Lara and all of the members of CFJC for making us family….a healthy family at that! 🙂

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