Mike Allan

Athlete of the Month

September 2017

We selected Mike as Member of the Month for September for his consistent work ethic and uncomplaining attitude. Mike has also brought in his daughter, Sarah, who trains with us regularly, as well as his son, Thomas, who trains with our Teens.  That’s keeping it in the family!

It just seems like every time we see him he still has a smile on his face no matter how tough or lengthy the workout. He never complains but just keep coming back for more and has gotten seriously strong along the way. Bringing his family into our  CFJC family is a serious level of trust – and we want to acknowledge that!

Be like Mike!

Mike Allan

Mike Allan. I am 48 years old (almost…) and am a VP of Finance with Equifax. I have been married to Lori for 25 years and have 4 kids – 17 year old triplets Julia, Sarah and Lindsay who are juniors at Lambert HS and Thomas, an 11 year old 6th grader at South Forsyth Middle.

I wanted to get in better shape. I started police work about 7 years ago and knew I needed to get stronger and faster. I belonged to a Globo-gym, but didn’t seem to be getting stronger. Plus, without structure I would just wander around the gym and end up on a treadmill.

A few years ago I never would have dreamed of doing the movements I do today or lifting the amount of weight I’m currently able to lift. Between the WODs and Power, Speed and Endurance classes there is nowhere else I need to go or want to go.

I was amazed I got through it, but it gave me increased confidence to keep going and know I could do the work.

I enjoy the challenge and the way it makes me push myself. It sounds like a cliché, but the community and friendships keep me coming back. It helps motivate me at the 0500 and 0600 class. We push each other, encourage each other and give each other crap when needed. This all helps me try to keep up with the youngins’.

I have a couple. This past Memorial Day I was able to complete Murph with a weighted vest. I remember when I started CrossFit I was using bands to help with pull ups. Now I was able to complete it unassisted (except Matt Shuler pushing me on my last run!). It wasn’t the fastest time…, but I did it and it gives me a goal for next year. Aside from a WOD I am proud to see two of my kids embrace CrossFit. Thomas is working with the teen class and is getting stronger every day. Sarah works out with the grumpy old men at 0500 and afternoons. I am so happy to see them serious about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I wish I started when they did.

I break into a smile on back squat day. I love me some back squats. Deadlifts would be a close second. The snatch is not my friend as I suffer from some mobility issues. That said, I think my snatch is getting better as I continue to work through my shoulder mobility issues.

My favorite is Murph. I love the challenge it presents, but also the story of the WOD Murphy completed himself – Body Armor. I think it gives a personal connection to the man and hero of Michael Murphy. My least favorite is one that includes A LOT of pullups. I know that sounds weird given my previous comment, but somehow Murph is different. Pull-ups are something I can do, but just not very fast so they slow me down a little…

My goals involve mobility as I think that is what continues to hold me back from stringing together more pull-ups and hitting bigger cleans and snatches. I feel I am better each day, but it is one WOD at a time. Recently I was able to hit a bigger full clean with pretty good speed under the bar, which was a great day. I just need to keep working, listening to the coaches and chipping away goals as I can. I am still working on my double-unders, but have been able to get some into my WODs.

CFJC has a huge impact! The support of the coaches and other athletes keeps me coming back and making me push my limits.   I have gained strength and confidence that helps in the gym and carries over into my life away from CFJC. In addition, the way the community has embraced my family is wonderful. Sarah, Thomas and I can discuss WODs, scores and how they are gaining on their old man! It is just such an important part of my life.

I have active kids so I love to watch them in their activities. Lindsay competes in Cross Country and Track and Thomas plays lacrosse. Lacrosse has had enough of an impact that I started playing in an Old Guy league this summer. Julia is a cheerleader at Lambert and I get to watch Sarah as an athletic trainer or when she competes in kettlebell competitions.

I am also a reserve police officer with the City of Alpharetta, which allows me to give back to my community.

It has made me physically and mentally stronger and more confident.  This helps in my job at Equifax and my police work.

Do just that and give it a try. It is easy to look at the WODs, movements and other athletes and get intimated. When people talk to me about CrossFit and how they can’t do it or that it is too tough I emphasize how everything can be scaled and the great coaching makes the difference. The coaches will make sure you have movements that challenge you, but that you can do safely and within your abilities. Once you start you won’t look back.

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