Rick Marianacci

Athlete of the Month

July 2016

Rick was chosen as Athlete of the Month for his ability to represent our community so well! He gave his time tirelessly during our events this last quarter and donated his free time for two full weekends between events in May and June!

He is also our unofficial one-man-welcome-committee to athletes coming into the 7:30 Beginners Class. This is a class that he has attended so long (way past the time when he was could no longer be considered a beginner) that the class name became his nickname “730” (although at this point some might think that the class was named after him!)

Rick Marianacci

Rick Marianacci, 48, “Restaurant Man”

I don’t know if I actually wanted to “start” CrossFit. Honestly I didn’t know the first thing about it. My brother in law thought it would be a good idea to shake off the winter hibernation prior to the start of softball season. He lasted two months. That was 3.5 years ago!

I continue to “embrace the suck” for many reasons. At 48, I am stronger and faster than I was as a teenager! But most notably is the community aspect of CFJC that makes me return 3-4 nights a week.

Prior to the first WOD I thought to myself: How bad could this be? I’m an athlete. Well that perception of my athleticism was quickly shattered. When I got home that evening, if death was an option I might have considered it. Instead I pulled the sheets over my aching quads and tried to sleep. Little did I know that the next day is always worse.

CFJC group

This! The community/family that is CFJC is what I enjoy the most. From the coaches to the members, everyone is so encouraging and supportive.

When my nickname, “7:30 Rick” was written on the white board it was official: I had made it in the CF world. I have a license plate now to prove it (thank you MFCEO for the tag). A very close second was when I crossed the 300 pound threshold on my squat. 45 pound plates. 3 of them. On each side of the bar. That just looks bad ass when you are moving that amount of weight. Not bad for an old guy.

The “squat” is my favorite lift. My last 1RM test got me a 315lb squat!! Like I said, not bad for an old guy.

My least favorite is double-unders. Ugh, don’t even get me started on that leg whipping. I excelled in kickball in elementary school, not jumping rope. I would be remiss if I failed to mention burpees. No one likes burpees. You know the video: “Backwards jumping jacks..I feel like my legs were disrespected.”



I have a love/hate relationship with every WOD I do. Every. Single. One. But I keep showing up.

This year I am trying to attain lifting 2x my body weight in both squat and deadlift and BW in bench press. The “12 Days of Christmas” is on my list this holiday season as well. Outside of the box I am currently researching a GORUCK event for the fall.

CFJC has exposed me to so many people from different backgrounds and to enjoy working out. Okay…”enjoy” might be a stretch.  Let’s say that CFJC has taught me to “understand the importance” of being physically active and the benefits of it.

Golfing and smoking the occasional cigar. (I am sure Lara just rolled her eyes and let out a big sigh at that answer).

Editors note: He is right…. I did!

In life you need to be well-rounded. CrossFit teaches you that. I play to my strengths and work on my weaknesses. I feel like I am prepared for anything the world throws at me on a daily basis both physically and mentally.

Venturing into uncharted waters is always intimidating. It’s okay; everyone who starts CrossFit goes through that! First and foremost is that MOST of us do not look like the athletes you see on ESPN. We are just “Average Joes” who wear the same fancy Reebok shoes.

Secondly, if you are a person who is easily swayed into NOT working out than grab a partner who will make you accountable for showing up. Don’t have any friends that are into exercising? No worries. Within a week of joining CFJC you’ll have more people looking out for you and sending you Facebook friend requests than you can keep up with.

Third and most importantly is show up on time, leave your ear buds in the car and plan on giving maximum effort at YOUR fitness level.  The coaches at CFJC are professionals. Safety is priority number one. They can/will scale every WOD to each athlete’s abilities, so do not cheat yourself on the effort.   Remember that wishful thinking gets you nowhere – show up and work!

I would also like to use this platform to thank the following people:

  • Dan for his no BS approach in dealing with everyone and everything inside and outside of the box. I will always remember him telling me after my first night, “It’s not ever supposed to be easy. You just get used to it sucking less.”
  • Lara for her commitment to constantly varying the workouts and sharing her knowledge of medal winning powerlifting skills with me.
  • Coach AK for his infectious enthusiasm. How many other coaches bounce around during a WOD singing “Fresh Prince of Bel Air?”
  • Allie for being a damn good friend who holds me accountable. The “kid sister” I never wanted but am glad I have.
  • And every other coach and member who has ever graced the 7:30 “beginners class” and put up with my athletic inabilities, cursing, nonsensical rants and ravings and nervous pees prior to a WOD starting. You make the “suck” suck less!