Samantha Null

Co-Athlete of the Month

May 2017

STG is one of those athletes that came in and has literally transformed herself through her hard work and consistency over the last two years. She puts in the work and has seen it pay off! This year during our CrossFit Games Open / Intramural Games, she was one to watch… and then TRY to beat! Even though she often tops our leaderboard she is very humble and encouraging to new athletes. She keeps working on all of her movements without seeming to ever NOT have a smile on her face.

We are proud of how far she has come in very little time and are happy to have her going to get her Level 1 CrossFit certification soon and start her next transformation – becoming a coach!

Samantha Null

Samantha Null but most people at the box know me by STG (which stands for Sam the Girl)! I am 24 years old, babysitter/animal-sitter/Accounting Intern at Arby’s Restaurant Group.

My aunt had just started doing CrossFit in South Florida and she seemed to really enjoy it, so I thought I’d give it a try! Plus I was getting really bored of the same old routine at a regular gym.

I do it now for endless reasons, really. It’s constantly varied so I never get bored, the community is absolutely amazing, and because I’ve become addicted to progress!

My first thoughts after my intro with Dan was, “DAMN… That was less than a 10 minute workout and I’ve never pushed myself this hard before.” I was instantly addicted!

I would have to say the community here at CFJC is one of the aspects I enjoy most. Sometimes I will see the WOD posted for that day, not want to go, but then I see some of my favorite peeps are signed up for the class and I make myself go!

I also enjoy the feeling of constantly being able to improve myself- whether it’s PRing my Clean by 5lbs or shaving 2 minutes off of a workout we did a year ago. It’s very rewarding when you put in hard work and it shows.

I would have to say my proudest moment was during the 17.4 Open workout when I hit a #105 snatch PR… not once, but 3 times!

My favorites would have to be Double-Unders and the Clean.

Snatch used to be my least favorite, but lately I’ve really enjoyed working on improving on it! So my least favorites are probably Toes-to-Bar and Thrusters.

My favorite WOD would have to be either Annie or Karen.. Nothing really comes up off the top of my head when I think of my least favorite, but I guess I don’t really like Fran that much..

My current goals are to get a 115lb Snatch and get my chest-to-bar pull-ups. I like to think I am pretty close to getting that 115lb snatch.

CFJC has put me in the best shape I’ve ever been in! And taught me that working out can actually be fun and is a great way to bring people closer together. I’m extremely thankful for my family at CFJC.

When I am not Crossfitting, my favorite thing to do is to think about CrossFit….Haha, just kidding…or am I?!

Seriously though, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends- whether it’s boating on the lake, hiking, concerts, etc. I also enjoy reading a good book here and there!

CrossFit has taught me that you will never know your full potential if you don’t push yourself and at least TRY.

Don’t think you need to be in shape before starting!  Just do it and it will put you in the best shape of your life before you know it!

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