Ronda SmithCrossFit Level 1 Coach

    Ronda is our CFJC “Poster Child.” She was one of our first athletes when we opened in early 2011 and came to us very deconditioned. Despite her lack of experience she consistently came in, often five days a week, and gave it everything she had every time. In the beginning of her CrossFit journey she often came in dead last for timed workouts but her outstanding attitude and consistency paid off. Her first goals were to run 400m in under 2 minutes and to “someday” get her pull-ups.

    After losing approximately 40lbs and gaining much muscle, she now can do every pull-up and can perform most WODs as programmed (Rx’d). She has also been dubbed the “Double-Under Queen.”

    Ronda received her CrossFit Level 1 Cert in April of 2012 and continues give her all in every workout. She provides inspiration to our new athletes who think that they willnever get their pull-up or double-unders.